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NEWS 2017
Gosia Wlodarczak (2017) GRASS, FROST DRAWING FOR OMI, 10-day drawing performance and a long-term installation an glass, Omi International Arts Space, Ghent, NY, USA (18 - 27 May 2017). Pigment pen on glass, right wall: 426x650 cm, back wall:370x960 cm, left wall: 426x650 cm.

A THROUGH-GREY ROOM, a 10-day drawing performance and immersive installation, pigment pen on glass, wall and objects, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Metropolitan Melbourne. Performance 4 –13 July 2017. Installation opened on 22 July 2017. Installation on view: long-term, till mid 2018.

GRASS, FROST DRAWING FOR OMI, 10-day drawing performance / installation on glass wall at Omi Benenson Visitors Center, The Fields Summer Exhibition. Performance drawing process 17 - 27 May 2017, Installation on view from 27 May 2017, Omi International Arts Center, Ghent New York, USA.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, California, USA, 12 February – 6 March 2017 and Art Palm Springs, USA, 16–19 February 2017. Projects:
CALIFORNIA TUNICS (2017)...CALIFORNIA TUNICS  is a development of a project undertaken on Gosia's 25th wedding anniversary when she made tunics for herself and her husband/collaborator Longin Sarnecki. She drew on the tunics over a 24 hour period. For this project, Gosia has made tunics for herself, for Longin and for a few Joshua Tree friends. The drawings on the tunics reveal the imprint of energy radiated onto each of us by the objects and beings that surround us... (Image attached: Gosia Wlodarczak (2017) CALIFORNIA TUNICS, a drawing performance and presentation, Artist in Residence BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, California, USA (12 February - 6 March 2017); from left: CALIFORNIA TUNIC #1 &3, Models: Gosia Wlodarczak, Bernard Leibov; CALIFORNIA TUNIC #4, Model: Diane Best; CALIFORNIA TUNIC #5, Model: Tracey Fisher, presentation Model: Michel Cicero; CALIFORNIA TUNIC #6, Model: Jake top right: Tunic-making Desert Studio. Pigment pen on hand made fabric garments)
MODERNIST CONVERSATIONS (2017)...MODERNIST CONVERSATION forms part of Gosia's Shared Spaces series in which the energy of our interactions is imprinted onto a canvas. The canvas was begun at Art Palm Springs and will continue to reflect Gosia's interactions in the studio until it is completed at the open house...

ANOTHER HAPPY LANDING, AFTER GROBLICKA (2016) was acquired by City of Fremantle Print Collection, Western Australia. Digital photo-collage, archival inkjet print, 41x43 cm.

SILVER TUNICS, one day performance drawing and situation. Diptych, pigment pen on polyester and two documentation photographs by Longin Sarnecki, Jacaranda Drawing Prize 2016, Grafton Regional Gallery,
27 October - 16 November 2016. (The exhibition will tour till end of 2017)


A ROOM OF HAPTIC KNOWLEDGE, a six-day drawing performance and immersive installation in collaboration with Bronwyn Hack and Terry Williams, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne. Performance 22 – 27 October 2017. Exhibition 28 October – 2 December 2017. Pigment pen drawing on wall by Gosia, soft sculpture and embroidery by collaborative artists.


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