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above: Gosia Wlodarczak PROCESS STRUCTURE for OBJECT 1; Each one of the original objects which form the base for Cinderella II – The Dreamer project (like the Yohji Yamamoto's outfit above) was a base for conceptual re-makeing into: the drawing installation object, the sound-installation, the video/animation, and the series of digital prints.

16 September - 11 October 2008 at Arc One Gallery, Melbourne I showed CINDERELLA II - THE DREAMER exhibition for the second time and in a slightly different configuration of works.
At Arc One Gallery I presented a new series of digital prints called Process Capsules which illustrates the process of creating Cinderella 11 - The Dreamer.  Hundreds of fragments of photographs (by Longin Sarnecki) which document various performative and/or constructive processes have been digitally compressed, resulting in the Process Capsule concept. Drawing in this manner collapses hundreds of files into one 'capsule' thus freezing the process into one frame.

CINDERELLA II - THE DREAMER broadens an ongoing investigation into social issues such as consumerism and globalisation. The creative process involved inviting the artists friends and colleagues to collaborate on the project by sharing their desires for certain material things. The goal was to 'realize' these dreams by converting them into stylised multi-panel installation objects.
Three main installations within Cinderella II – The Dreamer :

DESIRE 1: YOHJI. A Yohji Yamamoto outfit. 
DESIRE 2: PHANTOM. A Rolls Royce Phantom.
DESIRE 3: BEO. A Bang & Olufsen Beo theatre system. 

The sound works involved creating musical notations or audio depictions of three original "objects of desire". Configurations of different notes positioned on multiple musical staffs, form original music scores, portraying consumer objects as sound 'landscapes' called Similitudes. Alistair Noble (PhD candidate, ANU) translated the music scores into digital sounds.  They are presented as the soundtracks for the videos and music CDs. 

Gosia Wlodarczak, Melbourne, August 2008