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above left and right: Gosia Wlodarczak, WINDOW SHOPPING FROST DRAWING FOR GoMA (2012), 18-day (160 hours) drawing performance on the Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art entrance – two glass walls (two levels). Final size of the work app: 105 m2, left: View of the entrance wall with a look through the entrance doors (at second wall), right: Detail of the internal glass wall at night. right top: Detail of the front glass wall during performance image linked: Details of day views towads ousite; right bottom and image linked: Detail of the internal glass wall at night.

WINDOW SHOPPING, FROST DRAWING FOR GoMA (2012) performance drawing was commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australiaas part of the Contemporary Australia: Women exhibition 21 April - 22 July 2012.

..."Wlodarczak’s new frost drawing, WINDOW-SHOPPING, FROST DRAWING FOR GOMA 2012 uses the soaring glass wall at the entrance of the Gallery of Modern Art as its base. Understanding the window’s ‘dress circle’ location at the front of the building as a site for display and self-presentation, she extends the performance by donning different daily outfits, drawing attention to her passion for clothes and the role that dressing-up plays in her emotional life. The viewer may participate through communication with the artist on one side of the glass or as a ‘window-shopper’ on the other side, setting up an inside/outside dialectic in which different modes of looking and interaction are mediated by the glass membrane. At the centre of it all is the artist’s body as a performer/mannequin, taking in the parade of looks and encounters, and using the medium of drawing to look back..."
Russell Storer GOSIA WLODARCZAK: BODY LINES Contemporary Australia Women exhibition catalogue 2012

Images and the text above courtesy the artist and Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

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