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above: Gosia Wlodarczak (2006) 35 SERIES LOUNGE, 12 panels, pigment, acrylic glazing on linen, overall size: 200 x 500 cm. right from the top: Gosia Wlodarczak (2006) LIVING EDGE installation at Gallery East, Perth, Australia; ESTA TABLE (2006), 6 panels, pigment, acrylic glazing on linen, 250 x 200 cm; ESTA TABLE detail; FRUIT & BOWL (2006), diptich, pigment, acrylic glazing on linen, 100 x 100 cm; LAWRENCE ARMCHAIR, GRAPHITE, 4 panels, pigment, acrylic glazing on linen, 160 x 150 cm.

LIVING EDGE is a body of works which take its name from an exclusive furniture shop in Melbourne, near to where I now live. The shop sells state of the art, designer furniture of great beauty and great prices by Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson and others. People go there (we go there too) to look, to desire, to dream... Some might think that by acquiring these chairs, sofas one can gain “the entry”, a certain social status, a sense of belonging... They (we) come home and visualise their (our) space with the dreamed of object which they (we) will never be able to buy. They (we) create a dreamland of an  “exclusive” interior design magazine lifestyle; but a dreamland based on delusion and longing for an unattainable paradise. Not many can afford the expensive desire. Some keep window-shopping. Others have to satisfy they hunger. They walk into nearby “low budget” stores, to substitute Charles & Ray Eames with more affordable, ‘similar’, well, almost the same, item …Desire and delusion.