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above: Gosia Wlodarczak (2007) BEO SIMILITUDE, lightjet C-type print, edition 5, size: 50 x 170 cm, This is an original score for BEO SIMILITUDE sound piece, duration: 3min 56sec, which is a soundtrack for DESIRE 3: BEO video installation. SIMILITUDE BEO is based on the Band & Olufsen sound system BeoSound 9000, with speakers BeoLab 5 right: the link to DESIRE3: BEO computer generated animation.

SIMILITUDE BEO is one of three sound installations for Cinderella II - The Dreamer (a project created during 2006-2007 and supported by the Australia Council New Work Grant).

Cinderella II - The Dreamer explores perceptions of home and the domestic space as a site of dreaming and habitation, where the imaginary and the real co-exist and how one informs the other. During a course of the creation process, I was inviting friends and colleagues to collaborate in the project by sharing their desires with me. The goal was to ‘materialize’ these desires by converting them into installation objects.

Using musical notation I made a series of drawings which are inventories of visual appearances of real objects: a Rolls Royce car model Phantom, Bang & Olufsen’s: BeoSound 9000 and two BeoLab 5, a Yohji Yamamoto’s outfit. Configurations of different notes positioned on multiple musical staffs (using a code I developed), form original music scores, describing and translating in a most visually objective way possible, an appearance of a particular object into a sound installation. On the sound I collaborated with a composer Alistair Noble (Alistair is a PhD candidate at ANU School of Music, Canberra) who translated my music scores into digital sound and produced files for me to use as soundtracks for my videos and for burning on music CDs.. ...Sound-images (similitudes) in "Cinderella II – The Dreamer" are built upon the techniques and processes developed for Skin of The Wall, and create a very different installation. Compared with Skin of The Wall, this is a more complex and rich listening experience – multi-dimensional and cyclic rather than two-dimensional and linear . The "similitudes" are an integral part of the exhibited work, affecting the ways in which people move around the various installed objects and enabling, through the subtlety of the visual/sound interactivity, the interconnections and dislocations between the objects to operate on two senses simultaneously... (Alistair Noble 2007.

You are listening to BEO SIMILITUDE
To listen to the PHANTOM SIMILITUDE click here.