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Gosia Wlodarczak (2012) Animated film: MT.BAKER, DVD PAL HD, DVD NTSC HD, duration: 3 min 31 sec, aspect ratio 16 : 9, photography, animation, editing, sound, production: Gosia Wlodarczak.
Soundtrack: MT. BAKER SOUND-DRAWING (2011), duration: 3 min 10 sec, music score: Gosia Wlodarczak; score's digital realisation: Austin Benjamin Buckett. Edition 10 + A/P

MT. BAKER like THE TRAIN TRIP belongs to a series of animated films titled THE WAY.  Music compositions for the series, called sound-drawings (MT. BAKER SOUND-DRAWING, SZCZECIN – POZNAN SOUND-DRAWING), are my ongoing search for possibilities, methods and strategies to convert visual perceptions into aural. The sound-drawings are the origin and the key components in my films' production. They are presented as films' soundtracks and published on audio CDs.

Since 2006 I have been developing processes and codes to make the conversion of visual impressions into aural possible. I use elements of musical notation as simply another set of drawing marks rendering a likeness of what I see. Configurations of different notes positioned on multiple musical staves, form the music scores which describe and translate what I see in a most visually objective way possible. Then I collaborate with composers Alistair Noble and Austin Benjamin Buckett, who convert my music scores into digital sound.

...The film MT.BAKER was conceived during Wlodarczak's first trip to Western University in February 2010. The famous landmark remained shrouded in cloud and fog throughout the duration of Wlodarczak's visit to Bellingham, heightening her sense of curiosity about the volcano. On her last day, while driving on the highway, Wlodarczak suddenly glimpsed Mt Baker and recorded the moment with three photographs. Returning to Melbourne, Wlodarczak created a sound-drawing and an animation film based on the photographs she took. Manipulating the photographs in Photoshop to read in seven grades of gray between black and white, she then assigned different notes to different shades of grey and created a music score from the image, which she then sent to the composer Austin Benjamin Buckett to translate into a piece for human voice. The film extends Wlodarczak's experimentation with sound, and is intended as a gift to the visitors to the exhibition in Bellingham. (Maria Zagala, "Gosia Wlodarczak - Present Time Continuous Moment" 2011)