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Gosia Wlodarczak (2009) DUST COVER EZRI; Three-day drawing performance in my friend's backyard Brighton, Melbourne, Australia. Pigment marker on primed linen wrapped over a car; linen size: 214x550 cm

DUST COVER EZRI talks about meeting people in places one visits and about time one spends with others. This set up a situations happened over few entire summer days spent with our friends. As we were sharing relaxed conversation over lunch, cups of tea, and work I archived our constantly reshaping time-space turning it into the drawing performance. In the projects for a point of departure I used the idea of the dust cover: a piece of primed linen, or polyester fabric, used to cover objects and furniture in the space (interior or exterior) I currently occupy. During drawing performances the fabric is covered with the line structure. I call this method drawing frottage. I believe that this line structure holds the evidence of time-space it was made within.

images from the top:
1. DUST COVER EZRI, persormance
2. DUST COVER EZRI, outcome of the process; pigment marker on linen, 214x550 cm
3. DUST COVER EZRI, detail