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above: Gosia Wlodarczak (2008) SAFETY ZONE SZCZECIN, diptych, pigment marker, acrylic, linen, overall size 160 x 510cm; right from the top: Performers' Night at OFFicyna place for art in Szczecin Poland, 11pm-1am 18-19 April 2008; Gosia Wlodarczak (2008) SAFETY ZONE SZCZECIN process, conversation with Joanna Roszak, 18 April.

The exhibition SAFETY ZONE SZCZECIN is a part and an outcome of the Performers' Night, 43 Performance Festival KONTRAPUNKT held in Szczecin (Poland) in April 2008. For the Performers' Night (11pm - 1am on 18-19 April 2008 at OFFicyna place for art, Szczecin, Poland) I was invited to present my drawing performance project which included audience participation in a form of the series of individual conversations which I was archiving by an act of drawing.

A performative drawing, SAFETY ZONE SZCZECIN was constructed entirely in Szczecin: its first stage at my mother's apartment, a second stage at the OFFicyna gallery during sereies of performances. The work was accompanied by screening of the movie PERFORMANCE.