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above: Gosia Wlodarczak PROCESS CAPSULE SITUATIONS SOFITEL (2014), archival inkjet print on Hahnemühle Rag 300, digital collage using 714 photographs of the performance Situations Sofitel by Longin Sarnecki), 100 x 240cm, edition 5 + A/P. This project has been assisted by Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth and Global Art Projects. (Click image above to see enlargement, and here to see detail) right: SITUATIONS SOFITEL COSIERGE (2013), pigment pen drawing on paper, 21 x 30cm; right bottom: SITUATIONS SOFITEL AUDIO /VISUAL (2013), pigment pen drawing on paper, 21 x 30cm; image linked to right bottom: SITUATIONS SOFITEL PASTRY KITCHEN and UNIFORM ROOM (2013) drawings and performance situations.

SITUATIONS SOFITEL is an exhibition drawn from Gosia Wlodarczak’s artist residencies at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins (2012) and Sofitel Sydney Wentworth (2013). Through a series of line drawings, Wlodarczak maps out the intersections between personal space and shared space.  

For these works, Wlodarczak worked closely with the hotel staff to gain access to behind-the-scene locations. On top of places in open sight – lobbies, receptions, bars, restaurants and guest rooms – there are glimpses of hotel life that most never see: the general manager’s office, the finance department, the pastry kitchen, the audio/visual room and the uniform room. What emerges is an unusual mixture of temporary and permanent dwellings, what might be a one-night stay for some and a five-day-a-week workplace for others.

Throughout, familiar motifs peek out of Wlodarczak’s inimitable drawing style: a trolley wheel here, a clock there. But for the most part they’re shrouded in a swarm of lines, which represent not just figurative elements, but also experience, perception and action. The result is a comprehensive survey of a single moment in its totality, where the bustle of hotel life is vividly conveyed.  

Also included in the exhibition is PROCESS CAPSULE SITUATIONS SOFITEL, a monumental digital collage stitched together out of more than 700 photographs. Whereas the line drawings hone in on specific locations, PROCESS CAPSULE SITUATIONS SOFITEL captures everything at a glance. Here, the complex and overlapping public and private realms are shown flattened on a plane like a slice of organic tissue on a microscope slide.
Toby Fehily GOSIA WLODARCZAK: SITUATIONS SOFITEL at Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne 2014

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