above left: Gosia Wlodarczak (2004-2005) Tablecloth, situations. right from top: Gosia Wlodarczak STUDIO TABLECLOTH, PAYNES (2005), pigment, acrylic glazing on linen, 100 x 100cm; STUDIO TABLECLOTH, IRON OXIDE (2005),pigment, acrylic glazing on linen, 100 x 100cm; TABLECLOTH 2 (2004), pigment marker, acrylic on linen, 98 x 180cm; TABLECLOTH 7 (2004), pigment marker, acrylic on linen, 98 x 180cm
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A piece of linen in size of my dining table top takes upon a function of being the tablecloth. The linen is secured to the table and everyday objects or/and food are placed on top of it, with no specific arrangement, but like during everyday activities.

…A once horizontal surface becomes vertical, and what was solid and sturdy, supporting cups and plates and elbows and long conversations, becomes a hanging surface trace of those things and moments. Things that were an irrefutable physical presence, like plates that held currant cake and dried fruits, leave a void on the surface. The surface that was empty of objects becomes filled with images from around the table’s edge as well as what rested on it. Gosia’s drawings expose the illusion of drawing. They say: “this is what was there. What sense can be made of that present which is now the past? What is left to make sense of those moments of intimacy, of that sense of place that for several hours was the centre of existence?”… (Christopher Crouch this is what was there, catalogue essay, Arc One Gallery, March 2005)