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Gosia Wlodarczak 2008
Medium: Pigment marker on glass
Size: variable

Description: Performative drawing process on the gallery front window at RMIT Project Space/ Spare Room, Melbourne, Australia. Part of the exhibition The Swiss House - From the series: Propositions for an uncertain future, the proposition by Lyndal Jones. Seven sessions: 7 October 5 hours, 8 October 5 hours, 9 October 2 hours, 14 October 1 hour, 21 October 1 hour, 28 October 1 hour, 30 October 1 hour

Walls border presence of the Swiss House and Australian nature which have immigrated from Avoca to the gallery space: the walls of my senses, remembrances and knowledge. I build one of these walls with drawing substance to allow the Avoca presence to coexists with a myriad of different outer – street spaces in a process of continuous overlapping. Street spaces are inhabited by things and people, which are in endless movement. The Avoca presence, inhabited by scents, voices and shapes of nature becomes a resident or a visitor, a subject or an object at the same time.

images from the top:
1. WITHIN, at the RMIT Project Space / Spare Room; the gallery front window at night from inside
2. WITHIN, detail - looking from outside
3. WITHIN: process of drawing - from outside
(left image), on the right from inside (right image)
4. WITHIN, detail - looking from inside