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I am fascinated by one’s awareness of the moment and the mind’s relationship with the outside world conducted through the senses. I have been investigating my experience of various manifestations of being present within the actual situation and converting them into the materiality of the drawn line through the act of drawing.

Building a registry of the everyday, harvesting all evidence of now, I do not work in an artist’s studio but in various private and public spaces where ordinary life goes on.

The actuality I occupy is limited by my senses, remembrances, and knowledge—it resides in a time–space. My time–space coexists with myriad times–spaces inhabited by living beings and things. I register them by my sense of sight as shapes floating in the liquid of reality. These shapes are in a continuous process of meeting, overlapping, colliding—in endless movement. In a utopian spirit I aim to perceive the shapes as carrying equal importance, although they are different from each other. I try to look at the reality in a non-hierarchical way, and to grasp an impression registered by my eye before my brain applies to it filters of our social and cultural knowledge.

Drawing is the basis of my whole practice, extending towards performance, interactive situations, installation, sound and film; I refer to it as cross-disciplinary drawing.

I draw my environment as I see it, in real time—tracing and re-tracing the visible. My intention is to record present continuous time to archive my space–time, all bits of the present and my mind’s realisation of now. I translate my living energy into the drawn line.

I can and do only draw what I see. I can and only draw being in the present moment. For me drawing from the imagination is impossible. The lines I leave after each glance accumulate across the picture forming the ever-growing substance of drawing.

The line I draw is processed by my sense of sight and communicated through my body. It is shaped into outlines of real things that my eye registers by its every glance, and contains evidence of being by documenting its fundamental manifestations: making a step, sitting down, lying down, rising up, leaning against, swallowing, taking a breath ...

Gosia Wlodarczak